Dead Ahead book cover

Dead Ahead: A Jo Spence Mystery

By Heart book cover

By Heart: A Mother's Story of Children and Learning at Home

Jules on School book cover

Jules on Schools:
Teaching, Learning, and Everything in Between

Killer Storm book cover

Killer Storm: A Jo Spence Mystery

Dark Honey book cover

The Dark Honey:
New & Used Poems

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Big Noise:
A Jo Spence Mystery

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Silent Words

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Under the Influence of Lilacs


New Release"Killed in Escrow" book cover

Killed in Escrow

Book #1 in the Lauren Vellequette Mystery Series

by Jennifer L. Jordan

Trade paper, 244 pp, $15.95
Print ISBN: 978-0-9846570-8-7

Digital edition ISBN: 978-0-9846570-9-4

Fiction / Lesbian Mystery

Killed in Escrow introduces Jennifer L. Jordan's second lesbian mystery series, following her popular Kristin Ashe series.

Disillusioned with her real estate career and life in general, lesbian Lauren Vellequette follows her dream of venturing into private investigation. She cracks cases with the help of Rollie Austin, a 65-year-old seasoned private eye with a love for surveillance gadgets, and Sasha Fuller, a 17-year-old intern who introduces new employment demands on a daily basis.

Together, the three women spend as much time propping each other up as they do unraveling mysteries. But they need to get to the bottom of several compelling questions:

Who is the hit-and-run driver who killed an idealistic young woman as she jogged along a parkway in Denver, Colorado? What is the real story behind the alleged longest hole in one in U.S. golf history? Why is inventory disappearing from a kitchen contractor's warehouse? And most important of all, how will Lauren answer her own deadly question?

Find out in this quick-paced, engaging, and humorous novel by two-time Lambda Literary Awards finalist Jennifer L. Jordan. For more information and to read excerpts from her books, visit www.jenniferljordan.com.

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2013 Releases

Maggie's Mechanics book coverMaggie's Mechanics

Mystery & Mayhem Mixed with Love

by Sheila J. Connolly

Trade paper, 325 pp, $16.95
Print ISBN: 978-0-9846570-5-6

Digital edition ISBN: 978-0-9846570-6-3

Fiction / Lesbian Mystery

The opening scene in this story, set in California during the early 1980s, instantly propels readers into the world of Maggie McIntyre, a woman whose occupation as an auto mechanic makes her unusual and something of a mystery—especially to Bett Holman, the young lesbian who has fallen in love with her.

Maggie is injured as she tries to rescue a man caught up in a roadside explosion. Could the victim be her friend Scotty? Or has he simply disappeared into the night?

In the days that follow, Maggie relies on the survival skills she honed as an orphaned child and young adult.

But falling in love complicates things. And Bett, who has turned her back on healing as a way of life, now finds that she must turn again, taking huge risks in the process, to help Maggie heal on many different levels.

Chosen as a finalist for the Rainbow Awards!

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Bound Together: Like the Grasses

“These things happen . . . the soul’s bliss and suffering are bound together like the grasses.” — Jane Kenyon

Poems by

Deborah CooperBound Together book cover
Candace Ginsberg
Ann Floreen Niedringhaus
Ellie Schoenfeld
Anne Simpson

Winner of the Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for Poetry.

For sixteen years, we have met monthly over dinner, sharing our lives, the mundane and the sacred, sharing our words.The evolution and bonding of a writing group remains a mystery. Ours grows out of an atmosphere of affirmation, raucous laughter, and gentle challenge. Life stories, ordinary and profound experiences and insights, are shared. Distinct writing styles and philosophies express each individual's unique search for understanding, for a patch of ground to stand on in the wind. 

Walking together through time and transitions, through the dark struggles, and the surprise of joy, has woven the scattered sands of our lives together and given strength to each of our individual voices.

Trade paper, 156 pp., $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-9846570-7-0

October 2013

Poetry Anthology

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Listen to Ellie Schoenfeld reading four poems from this collection on KUMD's public radio program "Women's Words," October 20, 2013.